MEMBER'S CHOICE® Credit Life Insurance
Credit Life Insurance is a member-pay insurance product that provides coverage on your loan(s) up to $30,000 in case of the member's death. Contact PALCO for details at 570-546-2333 option #4.

MEMBER'S CHOICE® Credit Disability Insurance (CDI)
If you are disabled due to injury or sickness, your loan payments will be paid until you're no longer disabled, your loan is paid in full, or you reach the policy maximum. Have the satisfaction of knowing your loan payments will be paid with our CDI program for an additional small fee added on to each loan payment. (Some restrictions and eligibility requirements apply. Contact the Credit Union for more information on qualifications and premiums.)

GAP Insurance
PALCO also offers GAP insurance for all of our motor vehicle loans. Gap stands for Guaranteed Asset Protection. It is a supplemental insurance product designed to provide additional protection to consumers with auto loans.

GAP insurance kicks in after your auto insurance has paid a claim on a totaled vehicle. Standard-auto insurance does not automatically pay off a vehicle when it is declared a total loss. The insurance company pays the estimated value of the vehicle, minus your policies deductible. Unfortunately in many cases, the amount owed on an auto loan is higher than the vehicle’s value. Nearly 1/4 of auto loans are “under water” or “upside-down,” which means that the balance is higher than the value. GAP insurance helps bridge this gap. Vehicles are depreciating assets. As soon as a new car rolls off the lot, it loses value. If you are in the market for a new auto loan, purchasing GAP insurance from PALCO for only $215.00 (effective 6/1/18 the price will be $399) can provide an additional peace of mind. (Cost is broken down and added onto your payments)Contact PALCO for details at 570-546-2333.

Loan Protection Insurance and MEMBER'S CHOICE® Credit Life and Credit Disability Insurance are underwritten by CMFG Life Insurance Company:
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