PALCO's Audio Line (PAL)
PAL is the easiest way for you to save valuable time and money. PALCO's Audio Line is a FREE telephone automated response system that allows you to check account balances, transfer funds, request loan information and much more 24 hours a day, seven days a week from any touch-tone phone. With PAL, you can:

- Transfer money within your account, to loans, or to other pre-authorized accounts.
- Check account & loan balances.
- Verify that a check has cleared.
- Research account & loan transactions.
- Request applications, disclosures, and brochures.
- And much more!

PAL is Safe and Secure
Itís also safe and secure. PAL can only be accessed by using your account number and a personal identification number (PIN) assigned to it (you can change it at any time).

Here's how to enroll
To use PAL, you simply need to complete a FREE application brochure (available at the PALCO office). You may call 800-822-2154, and one will be mailed to you. Complete the application, return it to PALCO, and we will mail you a randomly generated PIN (Personal Identification Number) and a complete step-by-step userís guide.
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