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SHERPA® Identity Protection and PALCO: Leading your personal information safely through the digital world!
Your personal information is collected and shared everywhere - at the store, when you go online, use a debit card, or text a friend. It’s increasingly more difficult to keep your information safe and out of the criminals hands.

Using top ID protection technology, PALCO and SHERPA® Identity Protection will equip you with the tools and guidance to protect your personal information. If a breach should occur, SHERPA’s proactive monitoring identifies it quickly. Plus you have immediate access to full service Sherpa identity and credit restoration experts should you ever need it.

PALCO is offering the SHERPA® Identity Protection solution with three different levels of protection. Don’t cross your fingers and hope for the best— be proactive and sign up for SHERPA® today!

  • Ongoing credit monitoring alerts - Provides you alerts for changes in a credit report such as loan data, inquiries, new accounts, judgements, liens, and more, allowing you to proactively manage your financial health and monitor your identity.

  • 24/7 internet surveillance - Digtial Ally, SHERPA's proprietary technology, proactively detetcs stolen personally identifiable information (PII) and compromised confidential data. Digital Ally is the only identity monitoring solution designed for proactive cyber detection on an international level breaking language barriers and detecting identity theft across the globe.

  • Social security number trace - Monitors and notifies when names, aliases and addresses become associated with a SSN.

  • Change of address service - Monitors and immediately reports back to you if an individual's mail has been redirected through the USPS.

  • Lost wallet protection - Quickly and easily cancel and replace all items commonly carried in wallets and purses including: credit cards, debit cards, check books, driver's license, Social Security cards, insurance cards, passports, military identification cards and even traveler's checks.

  • Identity Theft Insurance at no charge! Our of pocket reimbursement up to $1 million and no deductible!

Learn more about the idenity protection services available to you through PALCO and SHERPA® today.
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