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The power to save a life is in your pocket.
On Wednesday, September 14th, we’ll wear our favorite jeans to help raise funds for local children who need special medical help. We call it Miracle Jeans Day. With the support of our members, we’ll work to raise funds for Janet Weis Children's Hospital, our local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital, throughout the month of September.

Contribute $1 anytime between now and September 30th and we’ll post your name on a Miracle Jeans Day balloon icon in our lobby. We hope you join us. Reach into your pocket and pull out a dollar. When you make a donation, you make a difference.

Organizing Your Financial Records
Many people struggle every time they open their mail or email. They ask themselves, “Is this important? Do I need this? Should I keep it? Should I throw it away?”

Somewhere between the paper squirrel, who saves everything “just in case,” and the purger, who tosses everything in the trash, is the organized person for whom keeping records is no big deal. Becoming that organized person is not simple, but taking the steps necessary to get your financial records under control is a task with many rewards — first and foremost, a good night’s sleep.

Keys to success: Having an organized approach to financial records can remove much of the stress associated with living in an increasingly complicated world. As children, parents, spouses, partners, investors, citizens and employees, we all play many roles, each with a trail of paper attached. This information sheet will help you organize your records by touching on these key topics:

  • What records should you keep?
  • How long should you keep them?
  • How should you keep them organized?
  • How can you make sure that someone has access to your records in case of an emergency?

What to keep...Read the full article here.

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