Fee Schedule


Service Fee
Automatic overdraft transfer No Fee (6 per month)
Non-sufficient funds (NSF) $25.00/item
Stop payment (per draft or consecutive range of drafts) $25.00/request
Bill Payment stop payment $25.00/request
Copy of check (including Money Market) $1.00/item (past 6 months)
Copy of check/Rush order (including Money Market) $2.00/item (over 6 months)
Overdraft Privilege $25.00/item
Trust Accounts $150.00 attorney fee


Service Fee
ACH withdrawal NSF $25.00/item
ACH stop payment $25.00/item
ATM withdrawal First 8 free/month
ATM withdrawal after first 8/mo $1.00/transaction
ATM Card Replacement (Lost) $10.00/card
Debit Card Replacement (Lost/Damaged) $10.00/card
Credit Card Replacement (Lost) $10.00/card
Instant Issue Debit Card $10.00/card
Card replacement RUSH order (ATM/Debit and/or Credit) $150.00 attorney fee
Overdraft Privilege $150.00 attorney fee
Regulation D Excess Transaction Fee $150.00 attorney fee


Service Fee
Wire transfer (outgoing) Domestic $30.00/transfer
Certified check/ Cashier’s Check $5.00/check
Account reconciliation $10.00/hour
Statement copy $1.00/page
Deposited item return $25.00/item
Express mail Credit Union’s cost
Faxing service $1.00/page
Reconciling of any money market account by the credit union for a member $10.00/hour
Go below minimum $100.00 check written, cash withdrawals or transfers on money market $5.00 each time
Paper Statement Fee $1.00/month
Dormant Account (after 13 months of dormancy status) $5.00/month
Bad address fee $5.00/month
Mail returned from post office due to address change $1.00
VISA® gift cards $3.00 ea. (minimum value card is $20)
Subordination Agreement $25.00
Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) Insurance $399.00
MasterCard® Debit Card International Interchange Fee: Any fee(s) incurred will be passed onto the cardholder as assessed by MasterCard®.
PA ELT Fee $5.00
PennDot MV38L Fee $78.00
HELOC Application Fee $200.00
Home Equity Fixed Rate Loan Application Fee $400.00
Copy of Mobile RDC (Remote Deposit Capture) Check $5.00/check

(All fees and charges are subject to change without notice as determined by the PALCO Board of Directors.) Effective Date: October 1, 2018